Whether you’re smoking shatter or flowers, your pipe or rig is going to need to be cleaned eventually. If you want to take the time to freshen up your pipes and other glassware, then here are a few ways you can clean your smoking pipes.

ISO and Salt

This is a classic and cost-effective way to clean your herb or shatter pipe that’s been used on a regular basis. All you’ll need is room temperature isopropyl alcohol and sea salt. Mix the two together in a ziplock bag, drip your piece in and shake well before leaving it to soak. Once it’s done soaking for however long you want, rinse it with warm water and you’ll be good to go.

Use Industrial Cleaners

There are many solvents on the market designed to chemically strip away grime from surfaces. Most common ones contain ethyl acetate or acetone. Just pour it into your pipe, swirl it around and pour out the gunk. While this is quite effective on any number of smoking pipe conditions, even shatter weed pipes that are covered in residue, it’s not the safest option. These are harsher chemicals that have a strong odour, can damage household surfaces, and dry out your skin. Only use outdoors for good ventilation and be careful when cleaning bigger pieces.

Just Boil It

It’s best to only use this method with thicker glass herb or shatter pipes that have only been lightly used. Grab some boiling water and pour it into your pipe. The scorching water will liquify the cannabis residue before letting it drain out through the pipe. This is a simple and efficient way to clean your pipe without needing several ingredients or products. This method is dangerous, however, as it deals with boiling water, so be careful. It may take a few rounds before it’s completely clean and will crack or shatter thinner glass that hasn’t been annealed properly.

Microwave with Vodka

If you need to clean your pipe on the go, whether you’re at a house party or travelling, this is a useful trick if you’re in a pinch. Just grab a standard size cup and fill half of it with water and half with vodka. Dunk your herb or shatter pipe in and microwave it for 30 seconds. Give it a stir and let it sit for a while before rinsing it off. Using this method may require more than one round to get it completely clean.

Use Specific Pipe-Cleaning Products

The best way to clean your smoking pipe or shatter rig is to use cleaning products meant to get rid of caked on cannabis residue. They’re your best bet to get a proper clean without causing damage or being wasteful. Natural, heavy-duty cleaning products like Smoke Soap will release the bonds of the residue, allowing it to slip away when rinsed with hot water. These cleaners are often reusable but take time to work effectively.

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