Stoned vs High: What’s the Difference?

It’s commonplace to use the terms stoned and high interchangeably when talking about the effects of marijuana. But, does stoned and high actually mean the same thing? That’s what we’re here to find out.

The Buzz

The feeling of intoxication you experience before the real impact of the cannabis takes effect is known as a buzz. This buzz usually only lasts for a few minutes, but that all depends on the strain type and its potency. When you’re buzzed, your state of being starts to change, moving you towards further intoxication so the THC effects don’t knock you off your feet entirely. This feeling is typically accompanied by a rush of euphoria and possible even the giggles.

The Meaning of “High”

The sensation of being high is often defined as an increase in both physical and emotional energy. While the high will depend on several factors that include your method of consumption, the potency of the cannabis strain and your smoking tolerance. Good quality weed can keep you feeling high for around three to four hours. Those initial “buzzed” feelings will soon transform into something more intense. Some people become more giggly and sociable, while others experience varying levels of paranoia or anxiety. You’ll also likely experience cottonmouth and red, droopy eyes.

The Meaning of “Stoned”

If being high makes you feel energized, the being stoned has the opposite effect. It’s usually defined as feeling heavy and drowsy, even sluggish in some cases. During a high, everything seems to be moving rapidly, whereas it’s all about taking things slowly when you’re feeling stoned. Things may appear to be moving in slow-motion. This level of intoxication from marijuana is described as the peak, the most you can experience when smoking weed. You get buzzed, then high and finally, stoned. Again, varying consumption methods have an impact on your high and stoned experiences. While higher potencies will produce a cerebral high, something like a lower potency edible will result in more of a drowsy sensation.

Which Effect do You Want?

Only you can answer this one, as everyone consumes cannabis for their own reasons. Highs that mainly affect your brain versus highs that affect how your body feels come with their own specific sensations, benefits and, unfortunately, setbacks. Depending on the time of day, the environment you’re in and relief you’re searching for, it all comes down to preference and intent.


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