Cannabis and sex have a long and happy history. From Tantric sex in India to Eastern European wedding nights and love goddesses in Norse mythology, cannabis and sex are historically and intrinsically linked.

Cannabis and Tantric sex leading to spiritual awakenings

Cannabis’ reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac dates back to 700AD in India. The plant is linked to Hindu culture as a traditional multifaceted medication, most notably (to us) for its use in tantric sex and yoga practices. Michael Aldrich, the author of Tantric Cannabis Use in India comments that combining yoga, sex, and cannabis can lead to a spiritual awakening.

Cannabis was a central part of the tantric sexual experience. Traditionally, participants would consume either bhang (cannabis leaves and flowers combined into an edible ball) or a “victory drink” called vijaya. Vijaya was a cannabis milkshake made from bhang, almonds, pepper, cardamom, poppy, and other spices. Vijaya would be consumed 90 minutes before the tantric ritual’s climax, allowing the participant to fully feel the effects of the drink.

Cannabis’ aphrodisiac reputation extends to the far reaches of Eastern Europe

Cannabis also played a role in Eastern European wedding nights. A polish anthropologist, Sula Benet, stated that a mixture of lambs fat and ‘nasha’ or hemp was widely believed to help Soviet-Era Russian brides reduce pain on their wedding nights. Sula also noted that Eastern European men regarded a cannabis-infused dish called ‘happy porridge’ to be a strong aphrodisiac.

Nordic goddesses liked cannabis, too

The Vikings bought into the weed and sex ideology, as well. The Norse mythology goddess Freya was associated with sowing hemp and harvests. She often had ‘erotic rituals’ held in her honour. The pre-Christian Scandinavians widely believed that cannabis had ‘love-generating powers’ and Freya graced those who consumed the flower with joy and seduction. Sounds like our kind of goddess.

Since it’s proven that cannabis releases endorphins and increases circulation, it’s no surprise that it’s been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. Nowadays, you don’t have to make marijuana milkshakes or rub lambs fat on your lady bits (unless you want to, of course). Check out our THC infused Orgasm Oil by OMNI or our wide selection of edibles for some alternative options.

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