Vape Pens

At this time these products are: premium THC Distillate and FDA approved Organic Terpenes, Premium Live Resin, and AAAA Hash Rosin.

WE SEE YOU! Professional and discreet cannabis user! Vape pens are all the rage these days, and it’s not really much of a surprise. Vape pens are inoffensive, clean and discreet. Excellent for movie theatres (just make sure you ghost it homies, speaking from experience), walking down the street, the bathroom of any restaurant and countless other avenues, our vapour from our vapes smells even better than flowers do.

Canmedi’s exclusive line of disposable vape tips include enticing flavours like Bubblegum, Northern Lights, Tangie, and OG Kush. The oil itself is masterfully triple-distilled THC distillate and tested at over 98% THC. The premium oil is then mixed with organic terpenes by Terpene Curators. They might as well be wizards with the way these things taste.

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