Hash + Kief

Hash + kief. Welcome to the wonderful world of solventless extracts.

Hash people, let’s talk hash. Over half the team at Canmedi smokes this stuff religiously, every day. Moroccan, Afghan, Bubble Hash, Pressed Hash it’s all good stuff. It’s all different, too. The most basic way to explain hash is it’s the original cannabis extract. Friction removes the glandular trichome heads from the plant and are then collected and pressed together using age-old methods. Try hitting up Google for the process of making Moroccan Hashish, pretty sure there is a Vice episode about it. Afghan Hash makers use a different method, and Bubble Hash uses water as a solvent. Super cool stuff, and if you’re into it go on and surf that Interweb for tasty morsels of knowledge.

Kief is the ‘crystal’ you collect if in the bottom of your three piece grinder. That stuff, as you well know we’re sure, it great to sprinkle on top of your bowls or in your joints. Another option is to paint the outside of your joint or blunt with some distillate or other sappy extract and then roll it in some more kief. Yeah. It’s a thing. And you’ll be rocketed straight out to the nearest galaxy with your mind sufficiently blown.

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