Flower, aka bud, weed, grass, chronic, chiba chiba, ganja, gas, buddha, primo, hydro, good stuff, dank, sinsemilla… there are literally twelve hundred slang names on Wikipedia. Famous, often infamous, certainly worldwide, this form of cannabis (dried and cured flower) is probably what got you here in the first place.

Here at CANMEDi, one thing is for sure, we are damn proud of the flower we carry. It’s what we’re known for, and it’s why we have remained in business for almost a decade.

Where does it come from?

All of the flower we carry comes straight from the source: BC craft cannabis producers. Our farmers are not only super cool people, but produce high quality cannabis without the use of any pesticides or sprays. The only method of pest control they use is other predator bugs. Pretty cool, right? This method employs insects who have no interest in the juicy buds destined for your bowls and joints. Instead, they are focused on the absolutely villainous sort of insect that wants to ruin the heavenly crops. This symbiotic relationship allows ethical growers to combat pests naturally. Furthermore, our sources often use living or organic soils to house, support and supply the magical root systems of the transcendental plants.

Brands and Quality

Our flower is straight fire. We carry premium, nationally recognized brands like Mr. White, Fire Optics, Bubba Kings and Quad City Co. We’re different than your old favourite mail-order cannabis website. Lastly, let us ease your mind concerning burn quality and cure. We make sure to test out every single strain before it hits the shelf. It was tough work, but we did it for you.

The more weight you buy, the higher your discount! Discounts start at the eighth or quarter ounce, while ounces are typically up to 30% off.

Enjoy the BC bud 🙂
Hybrid Details

In the Hybrid category, you can browse cannabis strains with a combination of uplifting and sedative effects. If you are familiar with the commonly used Indica/Sativa dominance ratios, these strains would fall on the spectrum between 70/30 Indica and 70/30 Sativa. In reality, almost all contemporary strains in circulation are hybridized strains. Some examples of popular Hybrid strains are Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck, Headband, Bruce Banner, JillyBean, and Gelato.

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