The cultivation of cannabis genetics has been on overdrive for the past decade. The happy result of this practice is a countless numbers of new strains for us to analyze, test (yes I mean smoke) and judge.

Always, the strains that fall under the Exotics category are yes, you guessed it, exotic. They always possess a unique nose from a very broad range of flavours, and are usually accompanied by an interesting name. To help out the rookies, most of these strains are what your old favourite dispensary would conventionally call a Sativa when in reality, they are complex Hybrids that exhibit uplifting effects. Effects commonly associated with these exotic strains are mental clarity, energy, creativity, and a euphoric zest for living in the present.

Numerous new genetic combos in the recent past have contributed to the creation of many new strains, such as the Gelato, White Mints, Crimson Curse, Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet. Other examples of famous Exotic strains are Amnesia Haze, Ghost Train Haze, Kish, and JillyBean.

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