Welcome to the Classics category, where the nostalgic veteran smoker and the cannabis historian will flourish. Sometimes you get tired of all them new-fangled names they’re using these days, Blueberry Pancake, Thin Mint Cookies or whatever they say. We hear you. Sometimes you want that OG Kush, that Thai Stick. Some Trainwreck. Silver Haze, maybe an Acapulco Gold. Maybe that wasn’t enough to get you going? Ok fine, more examples of classic strains are Purple Kush, ChemDawg, Northern Lights, Sweet Skunk, or Lemon Haze. All those strains that were on Leafly’s original periodic table of cannabis strains…(anyone? anyone?). The point is, if you ever want to skip the trends and kick back with a classic, this is your zone to hang in.

Within this category you’ll also discover landrace strains. Now we’re going way, way back. Landrace strain means the strain is native to that area, the way a Hindu Kush hails from the Hindu Kush Mountain range in India and the Congolese strain comes direct from The Republic of the Congo. These nearly unaltered genetics have been stable for multiple generations and usually cultivate polarizing effects: Congolese is extremely uplifting and energetic, Hindu Kush is sedative and relaxing. These strains are often high on the smoking bucket lists of many a chronisseur. Some examples of popular landrace strains are Hindu Kush, Congolese, Acapulco Gold, Mazar-i-Sharif, Durban Poison, Afghan Kush, Lamb’s Breath/Bread and Malawi Gold.

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