Solventless extract, commonly called Rosin (pronounced RAWS-IN), is an clean and safe form of cannabis extract. If you know cannabis extracts, you know why you’re here. If not, here is a quick explanation.

Rosin is a form of cannabis oil that is extracted without the use of any solvents whatsoever. This means no butane, propane, alcohol, or any other chemical solvent. To perform a solventless extraction to create rosin, heat and pressure are employed. You can even make it at home using a hair straightener and parchment paper. Youtube it to find out more details.

Rosin and other extracts made without solvents are ultimately safe and clean. This is because nothing but heat and pressure are used in the process. One downside of using rosin on a dab rig is it may leave more residue on your dab nail than solvent-extracted extracts. The reason for this is extracts made with solvents have less plant material left, because the solvents are more efficient than heat and pressure in separating the trichomes from the rest of the plant matter. More plant matter present in rosin means it is often a bit thicker and darker than shatter, live resin, wax, sap, or budder.

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