Live Resin

This is the bees knees. The pinnacle of flavour in smoking extracts. Live resin is highly coveted in the 710 life (that’s oil, upside down, if you didn’t know) and it’s not much of a surprise as to why.

The live resin extraction process is centred around ‘live’ part. Plants are frozen instantly post-harvest, and extracted with the use of a solvent (butane or propane) within hours of when the stalks were cut. Terpenes, the flavours of the strains, dissipate quickly. By extracting the oils quickly, the highest amount of terpene content is contained within the oil.

Live resins are the top shelf of cannabis extracts. If you haven’t tried some yet, we promise, it’s worth it. Live resins can be dabbed, put in vape pens, sprinkled on your joints or atop your bowls.

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