Hybrid Extracts

Extracts for hybrid flowers are known for their broad flavours, carrying balanced and calming psychoactive effects. Combining classic and new genetics is a consistent movement in the cannabis industry, with cultivators becoming more and more creative as time goes on. Here you will find exciting strains with names like Blueberry Headband, The Church, Lemon Sour Diesel and many more.

The most common method of consuming cannabis oil extracts is with a dab rig. It’s kinda like a bong, only for oil, not flower. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Google it.

Are there other ways to consume these terpalicious treats? Absolutely! You can use it like hash or sift (kief) and sprinkle it on your joint, or on/within your pipe or bong bowls. Extracts add potency like fuel for a majestic liftoff.

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