Shatter, wax, sap, pull-n-snap, budder, oil, BHO, honey oil, hash oil. All of these products are extracted with the use of solvents. In today’s modern cannabis market, using solvents for extraction are the most common extraction methods in the cannabis world. The BHO process (Butane-Hash-Oil) is the most common, and creates shatter. The term ‘shatter’ is a blanket term for all cannabis solvent extracts, but as time went by different names emerged for different consistencies.

Today, the term shatter equates to a solvent-made cannabis extract that is stable. Stable, in this case, means it is in one piece, usually called a slab. When touched, it doesn’t stick to fingers like glue. Sap is, as one may guess, sappier. Wax, or budder, has a crumbly consistency, almost like pie crust. Everyone has different reasons for preferring different consistencies and forms of cannabis oil. Generally, sappier extracts are more flavourful than wax or budder extracts. Conversely, wax and budder extracts are much easier to work with, and easier to put in joints or atop your bowls.

All cannabis extracts should be stored in the fridge. But remember, refrigeration will lead to the extract becoming harder, and thus more difficult to work with in some cases. The best way to use cannabis extracts is to remove them from the fridge five to ten minutes before use. Always keep extracts refrigerated when you aren’t using them, and avoid leaving them in warm places with exposure to light.

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