THC Distillate is tetrahydrocannabidiol, the most famous and chief psychoactive compound in cannabis, separated from the rest of the glandular trichome heads through the method of alcohol distillation. The result is a light, golden coloured oil which is nearly tasteless when dabbed (through a vaporizor) or consumed (in edibles).

THC Distillate provides an effect that the old guard would classify as “sativa”; uplifting and energetic. Remember you are only consuming THC, none of the other cannabinoids that are present in other oil forms; shatter, rosin, wax etc. so the effect is certainly much different.

Another great way to use distillate besides dabbing or edibles is to paint on a joint or blunt, or to add it to your other extracts before you dab. Our flavoured distillates are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to that cheap and tasteless shatter you have lying around in the depths of your stash.

Definitely worth a try if you’re never given it a go. Remember people this stuff is over 98% THC!! Proceed with caution.

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