The world of cannabis extracts has an expansive catalogue of options. Do you prefer shatter, sap or wax? Distillate. How about solventless rosin? Live resin? The options are endless.

If you dab, we have some great options for you. Want to be a part of that 710 life? Are you wishing right now that you knew what that 710 life was? Do yourself a favour and do some research, it’s really interesting stuff. Hot tip: 710 is OIL upside down *mind blown* If you do not know what a dab is, open up a new tab and Google it. You can also Google “dab rig” while you’re at it, to see a method of using cannabis extracts.

Many people decide to vape as an alternative to smoking. Some reasons include because it smells less than smoking, it’s a more potent experience, and there is less plant matter in the oils. This results in purer access to a higher content of cannabinoids. People who use oils are usually more advanced cannabis users.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you need to quit rolling those doobies you love to smoke. You can also use cannabis extracts by adding it to your joints or blunts. A little goes a long way. Yet the dab rig is the bong of the future, my fiends. Don’t you want to be a part of the future?

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