“Tears” are a form of cannabis oil mostly utilized for medicinal patients in treatment situations. Also called Phoenix Tears, F.E.C.O. (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), hash oil, cannabis oil, or R.S.O. (Rick Simpson Oil), Phoenix Tears, simply put, are a potent and concentrated form of cannabis extract.

We carry two different kinds of Tears: one of them is THC-focussed like a regular Phoenix Tear, while the other is CBD-focussed. Our THC Phoenix Tears are made by our buddies over at Baked Edibles, and they are excellent. Properly dosed, they come with instructions and are well-labelled. These THC Phoenix Tears by Baked Edibles contain 225mg THC. Our CBD Phoenix Tears are created by a great, ethical BC company called Green Island Naturals, and contain 200mg CBD per unit.

Phoenix Tears come packaged in a syringe (without a needle, obviously) and they are best kept in the fridge, however you can store them at room temperature if you want to skip the next steps. When it’s cold, cannabis oil hardens, which makes it more difficult to dispense from the syringe. Before using it, we recommend running the syringe under warm water to ensure it doesn’t all spurt out the end of the syringe by accident.

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