Don’t like smoking, but not a fan of vaping either? Do you enjoy the effects of cannabis edibles, but you’re on a diet and don’t want to eat brownies and candy all day? Say hello to caps! THC and CBD capsules can be worked in to your every day vitamin routine, or can be taken discreetly at any time.

Our THC capsules come in two different forms: full spectrum and distillate caps. Full spectrum capsules are THC dominant, but also contain other cannabinoids in trace amounts. CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG are some of these other cannabinoids. Users report a potent body effect experience with full spectrum oil in comparison to distillate. THC distillate caps are slightly more invigorating than their full-spectrum sibling. They exhibit effects you would typically classify as sativa dominant, that is; uplifting, energetic and creative.

We offer CBD capsules from Baked Edibles that are made with CBD Isolate, which is nearly pure CBD. CBD Isolate is a product where CBD is lab-extracted to isolate it from the other cannabinoids. Our plant matter CBD capsules carry a hemp-based grind which has also been lab-tested to ensure accuracy. Hemp officially contains less than 0.03% THC to be classified as hemp; it is by definition cannabis without significantly high THC levels.

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    THC Capsules | 20 mg | Full Spectrum

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    CBD Caps | 15 mg | Full Spectrum

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    THC Capsules | 5 mg | Full Spectrum