50 mg - 100 mg

This range of products contains edibles with 50 – 100 mg THC. Although this dose is commonly viewed as “moderate”, effects vary person to person.

Welcome to the world of cannabis edibles! Edible cannabis products are an accessible alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis with zero negative impact on your lungs.

The important thing when consuming a cannabis edible product is dosing. As the saying goes: know your limit, and play within it. If you don’t know your tolerance and are unsure how an edible product will effect you, take your time and go slow.

Start with 5 – 25 mg THC, depending on previous experience, or adventure level. Waiting 30 – 40 minutes before taking more. There’s no rush! Consume more only once your body has a chance to process the THC in its system. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis reaches your bloodstream and brain much quicker than the process of digestion. Try not to eat cannabis edibles on a completely empty stomach. It’s the same way one should eat enough food when drinking alcohol. Lastly, the best place to try out edibles for the first time is AT HOME, where soft surfaces and your bed is close at hand.

All of our products list their dose on the package. Beware of products without a dose written on them. They could be extremely weak, or too strong. You won’t know until the effects start to kick in. Edible products are a great choice for beginners, medicinal users and anyone who loves a treat that makes you a little wonky.

Our current cannabis edible brands are SeC Gummies, Long Beach Cookies and Bliss Edibles. Cannabis gummies are extremely popular and this is why we offer a wide range of them. They taste excellent and have the potency to match! Our Long Beach Cookies taste absolutely unreal, and pack 200 mg THC per cookie!

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    High Seas | SeC Gummies | 1:1 THC:CBD | 75mg

  • Kaya's Rice Krispies Quickview

    Kaya’s Rice Krispies | 100 mg THC

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    Elevtd Ruby Chocolate Bar | Indica Chill | 320 mg

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    Elevtd Dark Chocolate Bar | Sativa Rise | 320 mg