Our cannabis edible brands are Baked Edibles, SeC Gummies, and Kaya’s.

Welcome to the world of cannabis edibles! Edibles are an accessible alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis with zero negative impact on your lungs.

The important thing with edibles is dosing. Know your limit, play within it. And if you don’t yet know your limit, take your time and go slow. Don’t rush into it and consume more until you’ve let your body have a chance to metabolize the THC. Start with 5-25mg, depending on your adventure level. Waiting 30-40 minutes before taking more. Try not to eat cannabis edibles on a completely empty stomach, the same way you shouldn’t do that if you’re drinking. Best place to try out edibles for the first time is AT HOME.

All of our products provide easy to understand dosage, proper nutrition fact sheets, and direction. Edibles are great for beginners, medicinal users and anyone who loves treats. Words of wisdom: wait for your body to digest and metabolize the treat before eating more.

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