AAAA Hash Rosin – Vape Cartridge by Fire Optics




Each cartridge contains 0.8g of solventless hash rosin with no additives!

All the mouthwatering flavours you will experience is ONLY a result of the solventless hash rosin made from top shelf flower – we repeat – there are ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIVES to this cannabis extract oil. You’ll have a rotating wheel of amazing bomb ass strains – right now we’ve got a marvellous Blue Monkey and the fantastic Lindsay OG Kush.

Taking a pull from these is like doing a dab, seriously. Don’t expect any non-cannabis flavours here, no copycat terps trying to replicate your favourite kush. The heavy and potent vaping experience is finally here! Yeah, the price is a little steep, but remember, hash rosin retails for $80 – $100 per gram, and this is some of the best stuff around.

We’re so excited for you to try out this ultimate, rockin’ vape pen!! Dab on the go!! You’ll never go back!!

Remember, this is a SAFE VAPING EXPERIENCE!

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Blue Monkey, Lindsay OG, Sour Tahoe, Bubba Kush