Louisville Slugger Blunts by Fire Optics




Whoaaa. Each of these impressive Louisville Sluggers brought to you by Fire Optics contain a whopping 7 grams of some righteously dank Tuna Kush. That’s a full quarter of chronic, people! And if you don’t already know it, Tuna Kush is a potent indica strain hailing from Hindu Kush genetics, one of the original kush strains. It’s earthy and gassy on the nose and tasty, and lulls users into a daze with overwhelming full-body effects. The all-hemp blunt wrap is then coated in premium THC Distillate (97% THC cannabis oil) and rolled in 45u Dry Sift (kief, like you find in the bottom of your grinder). The weight of the distillate and dry sift combined is 0.3g

If you’re worried it might not burn right, stop. Just stop. When you coat a blunt in distillate and roll it in dry sift, it burns real slow and even. The thickness of the blunt wrap helps it burn slow too. This is the kind of thing you can bring with you to a stag or doe (make sure it’s near the end of the night), a camping trip with friends, or who cares, just a Wednesday night to yourself. Do your thing with the Louisville Slugger by Fire Optics.

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