Loopy’s Hash Blunt

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Loopy’s Hash Blunt

List of Ingredients

Loopy’s Hash Blunt

  1. Indica Flower – OG Kush – 1 gram
  2. Blueberry Hash – 0.15 gram
  3. Rolled with naturally flavoured Hemp Wraps + Custom Loopy’s Joints filters

Product Details

Loopy’s Joints is dedicated to bringing you a unique, hand-rolled experience. Their master artisan carefully rolls each blunt by hand. They are committed to using quality flower for all their products. They never roll with cheap weed or shake. Loopy’s Hash Blunts contain quality OG Kush flower. It contains 0.15 grams of Blueberry Hash, bringing your blunt smoking to the next level. This particular batch of blunts is rolled with OG Kush flower, which is a sedative, gassy west coast indica. Within the bed of flower lies a 0.15 gram Blueberry Hash snake.


Be careful if you’re consuming these blunts alone. They can pack quite the punch. They’re excellent for bringing to a party, or a sesh with friends. You will be the life of the party if you show up with a Loopy’s Hash Blunt!

These blunts usually sell for $30, buy in bulk to get up to 30% savings.

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