Loopy’s Cannagars




Authentic. Rolled to order, and by hand, of course. 

Introducing Loopy’s Cannagars, a true premium experience for the seasoned Cannabis Connoisseur. Using classic veteran techniques, only Loopy’s master roller is making these ones. Each Loopy’s Cannagar is fashioned around a stick using ten (10) fully mature cannabis fan leaves. When it’s time to smoke it, make sure to remove the stick for proper airflow. When you are lighting it up, don’t pull at the same time. The hole through the middle may carry the flame through. Light it, then puff it. Enjoy a true top shelf experience. Invite some friends over, bring it to a party or smoke it all yourself. It’s up to you, you deserve it.

Let’s get to the contents of this magical thing.

  • 10 grams – Death Bubba Flower
  • 1 gram – Sour Diesel Shatter
  • 3 grams – Hash Oil / THC Distillate
  • 1 gram – Death Bubba Kief

If you order these babies, please be patient. They take about a week to roll / cure!! 🙂

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