Loopy’s Cannagars




Authentic. Rolled to order, and by hand, of course. 

Introducing Loopy’s Cannagars, a true premium experience for the seasoned Cannabis Connoisseur. Using classic veteran techniques, only Loopy’s master roller is making these ones. Each Loopy’s Cannagar is fashioned around a stick using ten (10) fully mature cannabis fan leaves. When it’s time to smoke it, make sure to remove the stick for proper airflow. Enjoy a true top shelf experience. Invite some friends over, bring it to a party or smoke it all yourself. It’s up to you, you deserve it.

Let’s get to the contents of this magical thing.

  • 10 grams – Death Bubba Flower
  • 1 gram – Sour Diesel Shatter
  • 3 grams – Hash Oil / THC Distillate
  • 1 gram – Death Bubba Kief

If you order these babies, please be patient. They take about a week to roll / cure!! 🙂

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