Moroccan Hash

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Moroccan Hash


Moroccan Hash is a legendary favourite among hash smokers and connoisseurs. Authentic Moroccan Hash is hard to find these days. Many hash makers have made the pilgrimage to Morocco to learn the ancient techniques. They learnt these techniques from the masters and brought them back to North America. They started practising the methods they learned in Morocco on domestic Canadian product.

You would think that our superior, potent cannabis flower would make better hash. The thing is, the climate here is much different than Morocco. Furthermore, there are no real master hash makers here the same way there are in Morocco. There is a lot of decent domestic Moroccan style hash made in Canada, however many are sub-par. The real stuff is still imported. It’s just harder to find.

Our Moroccan Hash we sell here at Canmedi is the imported stuff. It’s incredibly easy to use and break apart. When you break open this stuff it reveals a creamy, fluffy light brown inside. It smells like spicy earth with hints of nuts. This is top shelf stuff.

Have you never tried hash before?

Hash, or hashish, is an ancient cannabis extract method. It was popularized by the famous hash makers of Lebanon, Afghanistan and Morocco. Many hash users mix tobacco with their hash and smoke what is called a “spliff”. The effects are more mellow than smoking a joint, and the tobacco will probably give you a head rush. Bongs or pipe smokers sprinkle hash on their bowls to add more of a body stone to the effect. Of course, you can do the same with joints! Just remember, hash burns slower than tobacco and cannabis. As a result, make sure you don’t accidentally tap hash out of your joint or spliff when you’re using an ashtray. As they say, don’t ash the hash!

Each package holds one gram, or buy three grams for the best deal.

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