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Ounce Deal – Master Kush


Ounce Deal Master Kush Genetics: cross of two landrace indica strains from Hindu Kush region by Dutch White Label Seed Company

Master Kush is a popular indica strain. It is very closely related to the Hindu Kush and Tuna Kush strains. The vintage, old school musk it produces is a spicy earth flavour that carries a hint of sandlewood. That famous taste is very alike to the famous hard-rubbed Charas Hash from the same region.

The Hindu Kush region of the is an 800 kilometre mountain range that reaches from Pakistan down through Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China. The name means “Hindu Killer” which referred to the Hindu Aryans of ancient times. The mountain range was so difficult to pass that many attempts to pass it with an army ended in disaster. It’s also cool to note that the term Kush means Killer. That is why people often refer to strong weed as kush even though it might not technically share genetics with strains from the region.


The effects of this particular batch are mild and mellow, which is common for cheaper cannabis. This is because there is a lower trichome density in lower grade crops. This doesn’t mean it’s bad! It just means it is less potent than a top shelf crop. This strain delivers an even balance of full-body relaxation without intense cerebral effects. Instead, it provides a sharpened awareness that can bring out the best of any activity. The excellent value of this ounce deal is second to none, as our cheapest ounce special available!


Master Kush is a great strain for chronic pain because most of the effects are centred on the body. It also may be helpful in alleviating symptoms of stress, or muscle and nerve related issues. This strain has a high CBD content, so it is not likely this strain will induce any feeling of anxiety.