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California Orange x Skunk #1 by DNA Genetics

Strain Information

Tangie is a coveted sativa cannabis strain, the revitalization of Tangerine Dream, a famous cannabis strain from the 1990’s. Tangie is a cross of two nostalgic strains, namely California Orange and Skunk #1. This strain has won repeated Cannabis Cups across all different categories, and as a result is ranked high on consumer choice lists. One year, Tangie accumulated 10 different Cannabis Cups in the span of 10 months!


Tangie certainly leans toward the “sativa” side of the effect spectrum, and provides uplifting, energizing and creative effects. Take one sniff of her magical aroma and you’ll instantly understand. The potently citrus nose is enveloped by that unmistakable skunk smell; a nose that gives a sneak peek into the potent effects to come.

Common Use

Some medical users have reported Tangie can help stimulate appetite, help with digestive issues, sooth nausea and calm stress. Tangie is best suited for daytime use, because it might keep you up at night with it’s strong cerebral buzz.