Manderina by Bubba Kings




Bubba Kings Tangerine Pheno

Y’all know that Bubba Kings kill it with their gassy strains – Muerte, El Jefe, Lizard and the Kings Candy are pretty much guaranteed to be of the highest quality run after run and we’re super stoked they decided to put down and grow a beautiful sativa strain.  This Manderina is a completely different strain all together, their version of a Tangerine, the nose on this strain is unmistakably orange and it pulls through when you light it as well.  The bud structure is beautiful as to be expected, it busts up perfect and the taste pretty much overpowers whatever else you decide to smoke it with.

The Manderina is one of our favourite strains to wake & bake with and we’re super stoked to have it back on the shelves for all of you.


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One Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce