Dutch Dragon by Mr. White

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Dutch Dragon. We know the name is already appealing, but god DAMN! Get ready to chase the dragon. Dutch Dragon isn’t cultivated too often as it grows up to ten feet in height and has a long flowering period, but that didn’t stop boutique top shelf cannabis cultivators Mr. White. The nose is straight rank and carries notes of citrusy, fresh haze, but with an overpowering dank skunk. The burn is smooth and smooth, and of course the ash is bone white, a trait which has come to be expected from Mr. White cultivations. The flavour comes through WAY more than expected on the smoke, and yeah, it’s thick smoke.
Potent and long-reaching, the effect is happy, creative, energetic + uplifting to the point of euphoria, and all the other good things. Seriously. You won’t regret picking up a sack of this fire. Get it while it’s hot!!

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One Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce

1 review for Dutch Dragon by Mr. White

  1. Callum

    Well now ….wasn’t that special!
    I had never even heard of this strain before so sampled it with an open mind.
    Lovely stuff to smell, handle and roll and a very, very nice buzz.
    Will definitely be added to my Greatest hits list

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