Blue Lemon by Fire Optics




Blueberry Kush x Lemon Drop – AAAA

Blue Lemon is the new delicacy! We’ve never seen a strain that exhibits both parents genetics at such an equal level, it’s blowing our minds. You will see the bud structure is very similar to the Blueberry Kush; tight compact nugs with a spectrum of purple hues. The Lemon Drop passed on its fiery yellow hairs. The result is a flower that is incredibly pleasing on the eyes.

The nose is the same story. A perfect mix of blueberries and lemons assault the senses when you stray too close to this beauty. Put it through the grinder and you’ll get the next level of that nose. Easy and real sticky to roll, Blue Lemon burns white and clean like a champ. The flavour comes through on the smoke even more than you’d expect. She’s definitely a treat, and you deserve it.

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One Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce