Shatter Cannon




Shatter Cannon by Fire Optics

Product Details

The Shatter Cannon by Fire Optics is a beautiful thing. It contains 2 grams of top shelf DJ Short Blueberry and 0.5 grams of Sweet Skunk Shatter. These big guys are rolled with premium cannabis only, and flavourful shatter of the highest potency available. Bring this to a party with friends or a date night with a fellow stoner. If you’re new to smoking extracts in joints, remember to take it slow! The flavourful extracts will smooth out the smoke and make it super tasty. Be warned, it’s hella potent!

Each of these gorgeous creations is rolled by hand to ensure the best and tightest roll. The result is an even and slow burn. Happy smoking!

Product Contents

  • 0.5g Sweet Skunk Shatter
  • 2g DJ Short Blueberry by Fire Optics
  • Rolled with Smoking Deluxe King Size Rice Papers
  • Raw Perforated Wide Tips