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Wappa: Fresh Batch Dropped – 11.25.19

Strain Information

Genetics: Sweet Skunk heritage, bred by Paradise Seeds

Wappa is a pure indica cannabis strain bred in the Netherlands by Paradise Seeds, selected for its sweet, fruity flavours and potent effects. In this case, Wappa is referred to as a pure indica because of two reasons. First of all, its squat, bulky frame is characteristic of the indica category. Secondly, its direct line through its Sweet Skunk lineage to Afghani, an indica landrace strain. This Sweet Skunk line was bred purposefully by Paradise Seeds, directing the breeding process by carefully selecting phenotypes along the way. The truly beautiful Wappa is the end result. A beautiful cannabis plant with big chunky light green buds, which absolutely stink of sweet berries accented by notes of piney fuel.


This strain is a heavy hitter that delivers strong effects, but won’t leave you feeling sleepy. The effect is described as a functional indica high; potent yet not overwhelming on the body. A potent mental buzz is the first effect you will encounter when you smoke or vape this strain,. The pairing of Wappa’s unique terpene profile with its cannabinoids creates a truly unique effect which can be described as uplifting, calming and meditative. You will feel relaxed and content with no burnout after the initial high fades. The love he gives to his plants seems to carry through to all of Mr. White’s strains.


There are a variety of reasons medicinal users look to Wappa. One reason is it is effective as a daytime indica. There is no burnout from the effects, so users can medicate frequently without sleeping. Another reason is its potential for helping treat symptoms of depression, social anxiety or troubles with appetite. This is some of the finest all-day smoke you can find, for the recreational smoker. Roll up some Wappa at any time of day to heighten any activity, hobby or favourite past-time. The tranquil high and minimal burnout make this strain really different than other indicas. It’s often overlooked because it is displayed in the indica section but it doesn’t have a famous name like OG Kush or Bubba Kush. You don’t want to make this mistake too! This stuff is top level, ethically cultivated quad A cannabis.


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