SALE: Fire Optics Special – $195 Ounce Deal

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Triple Chocolate Chip by Fire Optics × 14

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Organic Shishkaberry by Fire Optics × 14

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Get some of the finest flower on the market at a staggering $6.95 per gram! This kind of deal is unheard of for such quality cannabis in Canada today. We’re able to offer it because we are hella stocked up with the most bomb-ass flower in Canada at ALL TIMES! We love our customers and always strive to get you the best prices because well, that’s what we would want if we were in your shoes.

These two strains are ideal examples of their genetic lines, the exotic and complex Triple Chocolate Chip and the excitingly colourful and flavourful Shiskaberry. Both of these strains are potent, tasty and lean toward the relaxing side of the effect spectrum. With a name like Triple Chocolate Chip we had to see what it was all about, and boy we were not disappointed. It’s cacao flavour is sprinkled with earthy complexities to bring you one of the coolest new strains around. It’s kind of like listening to Illmatic, every time you go back for more you get something new. The complexity is top of the class. On the other side we’ve got that Shishkaberry. The original Blueberry x Afghani cross never lets you down. It’s strong nose is of spicy blueberries, which doesn’t make any sense until you get a whiff yourself. A newcomer to the scene might just be in a daze, while the older heads will be revelling in the beautiful day with Shishkaberry.

Taste the Triple Chocolate and the Shishkaberry on their own, but then my friends, mix them together if you’re up for a truly mind-bending flavour experience 🙂