OMNI Pen with Sour Candy Kush Terpene Distillate Cartridge

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The sleek OMNI pen is offered in Gold and Black and comes with a rechargeable base with a disposable cartridge that is filled with a mixture of THC distillate and Organic Cannabis Terpenes. Right now we've got Blue Dream cartridges in stock and they're amazing! More flavours to come soon!

The OMNI Pen comes in either Black or Gold!

The pen is turned on by tapping the base 5x, 3 taps will change the temperature.

Red is low-temp at 3.2V
Green is mid-temp at 3.7V
Blue is high-temp at 4.1V

2 taps will set up a 10-second preheated rip that is more similar to hitting a dab out of a rig!

Distillate & Terpenes - 2 of the most beautiful, clean cannabis products available come together in the OMNI Pen!


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