Cherry Pie by Fire Optics




Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison

This tasty treat is a San Francisco giant that has spawned a whole host of new strains in the last five years. Cherry Pie by Cookie Family is a relaxing, clone-only version of Cherry Pie. The strain was originally bred by the Bay Area’s Pieguy and immediately cultivated by Jigga, the head of genetics for Cookie Family.

The nose is creamy sweet and fruity; after just one sniff of this stuff sitting in the grinder you’ll understand why it’s called Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie shares half her genetics (Durban Poison) with the famous Girl Scout Cookies, so it’s no wonder these two were crossed by the Jungle Boys to create a new line of impressive genetics.

Not too many of us up here in Canada have the chance to try a proper Cherry Pie. Here’s your chance!!

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Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce, 1 gram