BC RockStar Kush by Fire Optics




Rockbud x Sensi Star – AAAA

Fire Optics sure hit a home run on this one! Heavily filled with pungent aromas of gas and sweet earth, this powerhouse indica strain is among the biggest hitters on the market. This batch is a true quad A effort, with gorgeously gooey trichomes oozing out of each cannabinoid-packed bud. If you’re a fan of that kush experience, you gotta get some of this for your smoke. This BC RockStar Kush boasts a nice, thick white smoke, clean ash, and the proper flavour profile carried through on the taste.

When you behold this premium chronic, it’s a feast for your eyes. You can identify its upper echelon of dankness real quick. The dense, compact flowers burst with bright hues of green, with solid orange hairs interspersed between. Trichome density off the charts; this stuff truly represents that sticky icky. Bust open the nugs for the extra sticky experience.

RockStar is a righteously radical, potent kush strain bred, cultivated and made famous in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a magnificent genetic marriage of RockBud and Sensi Star. That’s why it’s sometimes called BC RockStar. We’ve been all around the world, and there are some fine genetics out there to sample, people. Respect to Amsterdam for their exotic Hazes. Africa, South America, India, Asia and the Middle East all boast incredible Landrace Strains.  But always remember, when it comes down to that sweet, gassy, knockout kush, no one does it better than us. West coast Canada. This BC RockStar Kush is a perfect example of that.

Kick back and roast a doobie, knowing you’re smoking some of the best kush on planet Earth.

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One Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce