BC RockStar Kush by Fire Optics

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BC RockStar Kush

BC RockStar Kush: Fresh Batch Dropped: 11.15.19.

Strain Information

Genetics: RockStar x Bubba Kush

BC RockStar Kush is a potent indica strain bred which was cultivated and made famous in British Columbia, Canada. It’s for that reason it is sometimes called BC RockStar Kush. It’s a magnificent genetic marriage of the RockStar and Bubba Kush. Fire Optics sure did hit a home run on this one! This powerhouse indica strain sits high among the biggest hitters on the market, and is heavily filled with pungent aromas of gas and sweet earth.

When you behold this premium chronic, it’s a true feast for your eyes. You can identify the quality of this batch just by looking at it. The dark green flowers are very dense, and are covered in deep orange pistil hairs. Gorgeously gooey trichomes ooze out of each cannabinoid-packed bud, which marks a true quad A effort. You have to get some of this for your stash if you’re a fan of that kush experience. This is that real sticky icky. Kick back and roast a doobie, knowing you’re smoking some of the best kush on planet Earth.


This RockStar effort by Fire Optics is one of the most potent, couch-lock indica strains we have at Canmedi. Consistently testing over 20% THC, BC RockStar Kush is not to be trifled with. The effects come on exceptionally strong, party because of the high myrcene content that boosts a quick high. You will be shot up into the sky with a euphoric mental buzz, followed by a calming body buzz that will last for a long time. The ash burns white, and the smoke is thick. The proper flavour profile is carried through on the taste.


Medicinal users seek this strain for its potently sedative effects that can assist in treating symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and stress. It can also be very effective for stimulating appetite. Recreational users look to BC RockStar Kush for its knockout potency. Customers who like overpowering highs or require potent medication flock to this strain. It is treasured by BC cannabis connoisseurs for its reliability, and most users find it excellent for evening and night time use.