Annihilator by Bubba Kings




Violator Kush phenotype (Malana x Hindu Kush)

This stuff is hot. FIRE. The potency is undeniable. The smoke is thick, the ash is bone white. Bubba Kings is BC’s premier brand for top shelf, kush-fuelled indica. And you know if it’s among the best BC to offer, it’s also some of the best Kush available in the world. Call your picky cannabis chronisseur friend and invite them over for a session and blow their minds. Consistently testing in the high 20%’s, sometimes even over 30% THC, Bubba Kings grow the kind of cannabis people try to source for years. Look no further.

Violator Kush is the perfect choice for all you old school strain hunters – its a classic by the established breeders at Barney’s Farm. Violator Kush is the marriage of Malana and Hindu Kush genetics, both of which are Indian landrace strains. The huge yields and extremely resinous flowers make this strain perfect for hash makers. Fortunately for all of us, the master cultivators over at Bubba Kings decided it was time to give this one a whirl. Violator became Annihilator. These buds will stick to your hands like glue! Annihilator’s terpene profile is hella complex, carrying strong notes of pine with the usual Bubba Kings signature – that permeating odour of righteous dankness.

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One Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce