Biggie Smalls

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Sometimes, BIG things come in SMALL packages. This is truly the case for this spectacular flower. Buds are small, but they all go into the grinder anyways! Some elite grow masters separate, or grade, their product. The big chunky nugs go for a high price tag, and the smaller nugs become available for much cheaper. This batch of Biggie Smalls is one of those extreme value choices. Top shelf plants but just smaller nugs! Get yours while it lasts, this will be gone very soon!

Can you guess which of our top shelf exclusives this comes from?!

4 reviews for Biggie Smalls

  1. Johnny Bartes

    Insane smell / taste. Coming back for more of you Biggie. Smoked this to “I Got a Story to Tell” and I was transported back to the 90s

  2. Frank Dertaftas

    Ya this is for sure top shelf stuff I can tell my the way it smells and burns. Just small nugs but who cares? I do nawttttttt it all busts up in the same grinder!

  3. Derek Sanderson

    love this. bangin. can you please always have this lol

  4. Roger Franchester

    Smells soooooo goooooood

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