Moon Rock Joint


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Moon Rock Joint

What are they?

A Moon Rock Joint is a triple threat pre-rolled joint that contains flower, oil and dry sift. It is very potent and should be approached with caution. Moon Rocks have become famous in the last five years, and you may not completely understand what they are. In order to  understand them, let us explain the process of creating them.

A Moon Rock is a small bud that has been coated in cannabis oil. Producers normally use THC distillate or BHO shatter. Subsequently, the bud is rolled in dry-sift (aka kief) until it is completely covered. It is officially a Moon Rock, and finally it is left out to dry. Once it has completely dried, it is run through a special grinder to evenly break up and distribute the bud, shatter and kief. The last step is to roll them into the premium Moon Rock Joint you see here!

Why are they better?

Do you sometimes find joints aren’t getting you as high as they used to? That’s perfectly normal, and it’s not because the weed is not as strong. Your tolerance level is higher than it used to be. Therefore, it’s time to raise the bar. Let us introduce you to Moon Rock Joints. These are excellent options to bring to parties, a get-together or a sesh with friends. Or maybe, you just want to smoke it all on your own like this guy.


  • Contents: Indica Flower, THC Distillate and Bubba Kush 45u Dry Sift
  • Weight: between 0.8 gram to 1 gram.
  • Paper Size: 1 1/4