Death Bubba (Smalls)

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Strain Details

Death Bubba (Smalls) refers to the famed Death Bubba strain hails from the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver BC. Death Bubba is not a hybrid strain of Death Star and Bubba Kush, but rather a particularly beautiful phenotype of Bubba Kush, from Vancouver, BC. It is so spectacular in its potency and kush qualities that it quickly rose to fame. As time goes on, more and more growers follow the trend of naming their Bubbas after the famous Death Bubba. Today, the name is common for any particularly gassy or sparkly Bubba Kush on the shelf.

The “Smalls” of Death Bubba Smalls means that the nugs of this batch are smaller, most will weigh under a gram. This is because the batch comes from a top shelf, premium Death Bubba crop. Growers separate the large, chunky nugs from the smaller ones to sell at a premium price. The smaller nugs are just as fire, but not as visually appealing. It all goes in the grinder anyways!

Effects + Use

For most users, Death Bubba is an excellent choice for later in the day. It provides a potent body stone known in the world of cannabis call “couchlock”.
Whether you’re a recreational or a medical user, this is one of those strains that’s always a pleasure to smoke. Thick smoke and an even burn bring through the earthy flavours right till the end.

For medicinal users, this strain is ideally suited for combating chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, and nerve and muscle damage. This is the perfect strain to battle insomnia. As far as medicinal cannabis goes, Death Bubba is among the best strains in existence for treating medical conditions.