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Strain Details

The famed Death Bubba strain gained notoriety in the last seven years, starting on the west coast, Vancouver BC. It all began when a craft grower brought a particularly gorgeous Bubba Kush into a dispensary to show the owner. The owner felt that the regular title of Bubba Kush didn’t do it justice, so he dubbed in Death Bubba. As time went by more and more growers / shop owners started following the trend of naming their Bubbas after the famous “Death Bubba”, the name became common for any particularly gassy or sparkly Bubba Kush.

Fire Optics cultivated the first proper CBD Death Bubba a few years ago, and it has been a staple on our shelf ever since. The combination of such a heavy hitter with a high CBD content is untouchable in the CBD flower world. The actual ratio of THC to CBD in this crop is 7:17, which is incredible for a CBD strain! The taste is unreal, full earth with hazelnut, chocolate undertones.

Effects + Use

CBD Death is an excellent choice for later in the day for most users, as it carries a potent body stone that many people in the world of cannabis call “couchlock”. Many medical cannabis patients search for Death Bubba for aid sleeping, de-stressing or to help with chronic pain. Whether you’re a recreational or a medical user, Death Bubba is one of those strains that’s always a pleasure to smoke. Thick smoke and an even burn bring through the earthy flavours right till the end.