Sour Pineapple x Blue Dream Bubble Hash | Fire Optics | 1 gram


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Product Information

Wow. Sour Pineapple x Blue Dream Bubble Hash. This is something special from Fire Optics. This Bubble Hash is extracted from live cut Fire Optics flower. This means it is extracted almost immediately after the plant is cut down, ensuring the entire terpene profile remains intact. We are confident to say you will not find Bubble Hash of this quality for this price. It’s truly unheard of. At the minimum, other vendors would place this quality at 40 or 50 dollars per gram. We bring it to you at a staggering 30 dollars per gram. Sour Pineapple x Blue Dream Bubble Hash is just amazing to add potency and flavour to your bowls, joints, or blunts.

Strain Details

Strain Genetics: Sour Kush x Shishkaberry x Organic Blue Dream

It’s back baby. The Sour Pineapple. A marriage of three distinct genetic lines, it was always sure to impress. Bred and grown by premium BC fire supplier Fire Optics, this is going to be one of your favourites, we promise. The pungent sourness of the Sour Kush comes through strong on the nose and taste, while the complex spicy sweetness of Shishkaberry and Blue Dream lingers after the sour notes fade.

Excellent for calm mornings, chill afternoons or lazy evenings, we really can’t get enough of this strain here at Canmedi. Novices and advanced users alike celebrate this strain as one the best to ever grace the shelves. Try some!! We promise you won’t be disappointed.