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Rosin Vape Cartridge by Fire Optics

Rosin Vape Cartridge by Fire Optics contains 0.8g of solventless 73u – 120u hash rosin with absolutely no additives.

What’s In It?

Each 0.8g Rosin Vape Cartridge by Fire Optics contains only solventless  73u-120u hash rosin extracted from AAAA Fire Optics flower products. This quality of hash rosin retails for $80 – $100 per gram, so you can understand why the price is so high. It’s because the product inside is truly a top shelf experience. This vape pen is an awesome way to medicate or get stoned while you’re on the go. It fits easily in your pocket or bag, and can fit on most batteries. It has a 510 thread. Also, remember that if you purchase a faulty cartridge, we will replace it for free!


Taking a pull from these pens is like doing a dab. If you take a big enough pull, there is little doubt you’ll be coughing. All the mounthwatering flavours you experience are only a result of clean, solventless hash rosin. There are absolutely no additives in Fire Optics products, and the Rosin Vape Cartridge is no exception. So, always remember this is a safe vaping experience.


We have two incredible strains for you to choose from the award-winning Sour Tahoe, and kush classic Lindsay OG Kush. If you’re going for pure potency power, the Kush option will be your best choice. If you’re more concerned with finding an indica strain suited for daytime, take a look at the Sour Tahoe. All of them are fine choices. You’ll never know which one is the best until you’ve tried them all!


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Lindsay OG, Sour Tahoe, Tangie