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Lemon Drop Rosin


Lemon Drop Rosin by Fire Optics are extracted from the flower you know and love. About a year ago, Fire Optics started to produce clean, solventless extracts from their wide variety of premium exotic strains.

The really great thing about having flower grown in house is that the extracts can be done immediately after the crop is cut down. This means that almost all of the terpenes that are present on the plant when it’s taken down are transferred to the extract. The process of drying and curing flower takes up to three weeks, and during this time many of the more volatile terpenes evaporate. These products are particularly flavourful because they are extracted from such high quality flower. Extractors don’t often get flower at cultivation cost, which means they get lower quality product at a higher price.


This form of cannabis oil does have more plant material than a solvent-extracted extract like shatter. The important difference is that rosin is extracted without the use of any chemicals or solvents. Instead, the process simply uses heat with mechanical pressure for the extraction. For this reason, these extracts are highly favoured among the medicinal community. The recreational side is taking a little longer to make the move from solvent to solventless. This is a result of shatter and other solvent-made extracts being cheaper, often nicer colour, and easier to work with.

If you dab or use vaporizer pens, this is ideal product for you! Just ensure you clean your device properly before and after use to get the most out of the flavour of the rosin. It is ideal to dab rosin at low temperature. If you don’t have a dab rig or vape pen, you can also mix rosin with your flower and put in bowls or joints. This method provides an ultra-flavourful experience with potent effects.


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