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Cannabis Terpene Vape Cartridge

Cartridge Contents

Each cannabis terpene vape cartridge contains 0.8g of mechanically separated cannabis terpenes. They are extracted from live hash rosin. This means that the oil was extracted within minutes of the plant being cut down. Rosin is a solventless extracitons, which means there are no chemicals used in the process at all. There are absolutely no additives in this product, only pure live cannabis terpenes. These are what provide all of the mouthwatering flavours.

Strain and Flavour

The strain we have available for this round is the award-winning Sour Tahoe. It is a top shelf hybrid strain from master cultivators Fire Optics. The flavour is markedly sour tinted with a doughy, batter-like taste.


This product is a great choice for the individual who like to consume cannabis discreetly. It is also excellent if you’re busy and on-the-go all the time. A lot of advanced users feel that most distillate and C02 vape pens just don’t really get them high. That’s because many vape companies use low quality oil and additives to get the best profit out of their products. For users with a high tolerance, these kinds of products do pretty much nothing. Many of them are actually unsafe. This product is the ultimate vape experience! You are basically able to bring dabs in your pocket, wherever you go. Taking a big pull on one of these pens has a very similar effect to doing a dab with a dab rig.

Christmas Vape Special

Yeah, the price is a little steep. But remember, live hash rosin of this quality retails for $80 – $100 per gram. Therefore, it’s no surprise they’re so expensive. The retail price is normally $100, but as a special Christmas sale we are bringing them to you for $75 each!

Finally, it is important to note that this is a safe vaping experience, free from any added flavours.

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