Nektr Stinger – Live Resin Dab Pen

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Live Resin Dab Pen – Nektr Stinger

Each Live Resin Dab Pen contains 0.3g of premium live resin

Here at Canmedi we always strive to bring you the best of the best of everything cannabis. We are pleased to welcome Nektr back into our arsenal. If you’re an OG customer, you may recall the White Widow Live Resin by Nektr Extracts. This, our friends, is their live resin dab pen. Yeah, you heard it right. There is nothing in this cartridge except premium live resin.

What is live resin?

For those who aren’t too sure what live resin is, let us briefly digress. Live resin is oil extracted within minutes of taking down a cannabis crop. Because of the swift extraction, live resin contains some of the most volatile (most quickly evaporated) terpenes that don’t make it past drying and curing. Caryophyllene is an example of these fast-evaporating terpenes; it is also present in rosemary and hops.

The Live Resin Dab Pen

So now that we’re all on the same page, let’s consider how cool this vape pen from Nektr is. Most vape pen companies would never use live resin because it’s so god damn expensive. A fire live resin can retail for over one hundred dollars per gram. Nektr is able to make these because they grow their own flower and extract their own live resin in house. Rejoice, grab one of these and puff puff yourself away into the galaxy. Because of it’s extremely high terpene content, live resin carries very potent, energizing effects.

Remember, this is straight cannabis people. NO ADDITIVES, PG or VG. We will not ever sell that shit. We love authentic product. There are no fillers or cutting agents in this product.

We’ve got two bomb flavours this time around: BANANA OG and SCREWHEAD.

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Banana OG, Screwhead