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Made in B.C. by IGNIS Extractions, this Lime Mojito Live Resin comes packaged by the gram. At $45, this is a killer deal for some premium quality, flavourful live resin.

Live resin is one of the highest quality cannabis extracts you can buy. It is one of of the most flavourful and potent extracts available to us. Is it created using BHO or PHO methods, which means the high pressures solvents is what separates the plant material from the good stuff: trichomes and terpenes.

But what makes it different than shatter, wax, budder, saps, and all the other BHO and PHO extracts? The biggest difference is the timing of the extraction. With live resin, speed and timing are everything. Once the cultivator decides to cut down the crop, the extractor works quickly, performing the extraction techniques within minutes of the plant being cut down. The result is a massive difference in terpene content.