Death Bubba Shatter | 1 gram


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Strain Details

Death Bubba Shatter is extracted from the famed Death Bubba strain. It gained notoriety in the last seven years, starting on the west coast, Vancouver BC. It all began when a craft grower brought a particularly gorgeous Bubba Kush into a dispensary to show the owner. The owner felt that the regular title of Bubba Kush didn’t do it justice, so he dubbed in Death Bubba. As time went by more and more growers / shop owners started following the trend of naming their Bubbas after the famous “Death Bubba”, the name became common for any particularly gassy or sparkly Bubba Kush.

Effects + Use

Death Bubba is an excellent choice for later in the day for most users, as it carries a potent body stone that many people in the world of cannabis call “couchlock”. Many medical cannabis patients search for Death Bubba for aid sleeping, de-stressing or to help with chronic pain. Whether you’re a recreational or a medical user, Death Bubba is one of those strains that’s always a pleasure to dab. Earthy flavours and potency right till the end.

Does a dab feel different than a joint?

Dabbing extracts (also called concentrates) provides increased cerebral effects. Colours brighten, time warps and senses heighten. You may notice new sounds, smells or textures. If you are prone to anxiety, make sure to start slow, and use indica, not sativa. Higher concentrations of THC found in extracts will elevate the experience.


Medicinal and recreational users normally use extracts for the same reason. That reason is a more potent experience. To put it in perspective, shatter usually tests around 65-80% THC. The strongest flower (dried bud) available reach up to 30% THC. Using shatter with a vaping apparatus can help increase dosage for a medicinal patient. At the same time, you’re vaping, and not inhaling smoke. This makes dabbing a healthier option than smoking joints.

First time?

If this is your first time using concentrates, make sure to start slow. Doing a big dab your first time might make you green out, even if you’re accustomed to smoking joints. It’s the same thing with edibles. All of the different ingestion methods provide different experiences. Tolerance levels in one arena does not necessarily affect the others.