Pink Kush Live Beach Sand by Fire Optics – 1/2g




This is the absolute cream of the crop from Fire Optics. This is dab-able (almost full melt, but we would never promise you it’s FULL MELT unless it truly fully melts), five-star bubble hash. This stuff is so incredibly tasty it’s almost hard to describe. It’s pretty much like putting your face inside a full bag of the most premium, top shelf Pink Kush you’ve ever had the pleasure of checking out. It absolutely stinks of gassy dank, a true Pink Kush nose, unobstructed by any excess plant material. It is a straight up honour to taste this stuff people.

This Pink Kush Live Beach Sand is so extremely clean, and made without the use of any solvents. It is extracted minutes after harvest. It really doesn’t get much better than this when we’re discussing solventless extracts. If you put some between parchment paper, the heat from your fingers is more than enough to turn it into some pretty bomb hash coins / rosin too. You can dab this, vaporize in a Volcano, or sprinkle (sparingly) in your joints. It’s up to you! All you really need to know is this stuff is unbelievable.

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