AAAA Hash Rosin Cartridge + Premium Silo Battery

AAAA Hash Rosin - Vape Cartridge - Indica

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Silo - Magnetic Vape Battery

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Save 5% when you purchase the premium AAAA Hash Rosin Cartridge with the Silo Vape Battery!

These are two peas in a pod and neither one is truly done justice until you’ve joined their combined forces. The Silo battery is easy in the palm and compact in the pocket, driving home the battery perfectly heats up hits without even touching a button. And the AAAA Hash Rosin Cartridge…. ugh we know it’s expensive. But after you’ve spent some time with one you’ll understand why. Having this cartridge full of ONLY premium Hash Rosin, no additives, is a pretty special thing. This vape pen is like having tasty dabs available, on the go. Oh yeah, and did we already mention it’s solventless?! The brownie points rock it out of the park with this one, and we’re picky when it comes to premium top shelf products.

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AAAA Hash Rosin - Vape Cartridge - Indica


Pink Kush, Lindsay OG