The Silver Bullet 2.0 – West Coast Smoke Co.




We’ve got a new vape in town!! For all you vaping lovers, this one is for YOU! The Silver Bullet 2.0 from West Coast Smoke Co. is one of the most popular disposable vaporizers in the Vancouver and BC market, and now you can finally get your paws on some! Each pen comes with a FULL GRAM on CO2 extracted THC Distillate with added organic terpenes!

This smooth fast acting device is good for the beginner smoker all the way up to our beloved connoisseurs. Filled with the highest grade COdistillate oil and flavoured with organic terpenes local to beautiful BC. This pen packs in the power with all the true flavouring people have been asking for. The Silver Bullet 2.0 is now rechargeable, giving you the fullest power packed pulls. 

Each strain has its own flavour!

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Girl Scout Cookies – Mint, Grape Ape – Grape, Strawberry Cough – Strawberry, Super Sour Diesel – Citrus