Premium Bubble Hash by Fire Optics – 1G

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This high quality BC-made premium bubble hash is created using an ice water extraction and filtration method, using only the finest locally grown premium flowers from Fire Optics. It’s an excellent consistency for crumbling into your bowl or joint, and it takes minimal heat and pressure (parchment paper and your hands is enough) to turn it into a temple ball. A result mix of multiple micron screens from 45u-90u, this full spectrum product has a terpene profile true to the original flower and hits as hard as any extract!  Expect a long-lasting, cerebral high from the Blue Monkey and Shishkaberry, while the Kush Blend and Sour Tahoe will likely put a novice user straight to sleep.

The four available strains include several of your Fire Optics favourites: Blue Monkey, Shishkaberry, Sour Tahoe and Kush Blend (a mix of Pink Kush, RockStar and Bubba Kush). Let us know if there are any other Fire Optics strains you’d like to see in bubble hash form, and they might show up in the future!

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Sour Taoe, Shishkaberry, Blue Monkey, Kush Blend